Quality Checks & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  1. Manufacturing Floor: At the Manufacturing department, our team undergoes comprehensive training sessions covering Standard Process Instructions (SPIs), precise techniques for Stitching Margins, Zipper and Stopper installation, guidelines for Water-based Glueing and Storage, and the use of custom-made contraptions for Inside-out construction. We employ advanced tools like Jigs and provide precise instructions for all patterns designed with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software.
  2. Leather Division: In our Leather division, our first checklist encompasses Rub Tests, Tape Tests, Strap testing, and Extreme temperature assessments specifically tailored for imported leathers. We meticulously evaluate factors such as Thickness, Colour, and Quality against original references, ensuring the selection of premium hides.
  3. Hardware: Our Hardware checklist is designed to meticulously examine all possible faults related to hardware, including tarnishing, scratches, and conducting strength and durability checks.
  4. Packing/Inspection: Our Packing/Inspection area operates according to a clearly defined SOP procedure. Equipped with Epoxy flooring to minimize moisture retention, our temperature and humidity-controlled environment ensures that your goods remain fresh, eliminating the risk of mold.
  5. Edge Paint: The Edge paint section boasts cutting-edge Italian-manufactured machinery for achieving smooth and durable edge finishing. Our team is trained according to SOP guidelines, which are provided in both English and native languages for ease of understanding, ensuring each step of the procedure is meticulously followed.
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