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Springfield Leather Pvt. Ltd was established two decades ago with a simple goal: to craft top-quality leather bags and wallets at fair prices while building lasting trust with our customers.

As time passed, our aims expanded. Now, we’re all about sustainable and efficient manufacturing, and creating a workplace where everyone feels supported. Our team is passionate about innovation, seeking to continually upgrade production methods, and finding ways to minimise environmental footprint.

Our top level management are hands-on, personally involved in every step of production. This approach has fostered a loyal team who share our values. We invest in training and development to keep our staff skilled and motivated.

Our products, from bags to wallets and belts, are carefully handmade using the best materials such as full grain leather and eco-friendly alternatives.We’re sticklers for quality, ensuring every item meets our standards before reaching our customers worldwide. As a result, we have a high customer retention rate, with several of them sticking to us for decades!

With our focus on sustainability and attention to detail, we tackle every challenge with genuine enthusiasm and expertise.

For us, quality isn't just a buzzword;
it's what we're all about

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